Project Team

The Digital Himalaya Project team has nine core members who work in a collaborative manner, all contributing their expertise to develop a user-friendly and accessible set of online resources.

The Digital Himalaya Project Advisory Board is an international network of experts who have agreed to give the team meaningful help on a regular basis in many different areas. Members do not have voting authority, nor do they bear legal fiduciary responsibility. Our distinguished members are:

  • General Sir Sam Cowan
  • Richard Feldman
  • Professor Martin Gaenszle
  • Ann Gammie
  • Professor David Germano
  • Mark Goodridge
  • Professor David Holmberg
  • Professor Michael Hutt
  • Professor Kathryn March
  • Christina Monson

Trustees of the Digital Himalaya Project are individuals, organisations or trusts who have helped the project realise its fundraising objectives and provide ongoing support through their networks and good counsel. Trustees include:

  • The Himalayan Bank Ashoke SJB Rana
  • The Kosciuszko Trust
  • The Brendish Family Foundation
  • Rashmi & Sanjay Shrestha