Shezoed: Rigzhung Research Journal

Shezoed: Rigzhung Research Journal was initiated in 2013 by the Centre of History and Culture of the Institute of Language and Culture, Taktse, which is the Royal University of Bhutan College dedicated to Bhutanese studies (Buddhism, literaure, history, anthropology, arts, language). Since 2015, this journal is a bi-annual platform for the ILCS lecturers who undertake research to publish their results as very few journals exist in Bhutan. Moreover it is difficult to publish in Dzongkha and this journal also aims at promoting the national language. However articles in English or Choekey (Classical Tibetan) are also welcome.

Please send us a short email to say whether this service is of interest and utility to you.

Shezoed: Rigzhung Research Journal
Number 3 2015 [3.3 MB]
Number 2 2015 [3.8 MB]
Number 1 2013 [6.6 MB]