Mother Tongue Pipal Pustak

Mother Tongue Pipal Pustak (MTPP) series grew out of the Pipal Pustak intiative developed by the non-formal education support office of the United Mission to Nepal to support literacy by easing the transition from oral communication to the conventions of print. MTPP provides a structured framework for people to write narratives in their mother tongues rather than simply translating stories from Nepali.

For more information about the yearly workshop in January at which community members are supported to write a book in their mother tongue based on their own life experiences, please contact Noriko Matsuura. Digital Himalaya has now digitised the 48 MTPP books which have been published to date, all of which are available for free download below.

On account of the compression format we have used for the PDF files, we advise that you install the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded by clicking here. Please send us a short email to say whether this service is of interest and utility to you.

Title Author Language Date Size
Age Is Not An Obstacle For LearningMingma SherpaSherpa20051.1 MB
Bear EncounterSiri Bhakta SubashiKhaling20001.6 MB
Bear EncounterSiri Bhakta SubashiThulung20031.2 MB
Collective PowerEID-Nepal (Tharu Project)Dangaura Tharu20041.9 MB
DevakiBiru Jirel, Dipak Jirel & Prakash JirelJirel20052.1 MB
Do Not HurryPop Bahadur Soti MagarMagar20052.3 MB
Forest Lover SukabirBiru Jirel, Dipak Jirel & Prakash JirelJirel20052.3 MB
Happiness After TroublesBal Bahadur DhimalDhimal20051.6 MB
Hiding The TruthDilip JirelJirel20061.0 MB
Imitating OthersBir Bahadur JirelJirel20061.8 MB
In The Past And NowBhumi Sara Kadel & Sabitri PunKhaling20001.5 MB
Let's Not Be CarelessLimbu Literature Development AssociationLimbu20012.8 MB
Let's Not Be CarelessBasun LamaEastern Tamang20042.6 MB
Let's Not Be CarelessEDI-Nepal (Tharu Project)Dangaura Tharu20032.0 MB
Making FunSalita Jiya GurungGurung20051.3 MB
Marriage At Young AgeMingma SherpaSherpa20052.0 MB
Memory Of Setting A FireGoma ThulungThulung20062.1 MB
Mina Wants To Be A TeacherMina GhimireSherpa20032.1 MB
My Desire To StudyPrakash DhimalDhimal20061.2 MB
My First TrekkingGelbu SherpaSherpa20062.7 MB
My Son Escaped From DeathRam Devi MulmiSherpa19972.6 MB
My Son Escaped From DeathRam Devi MulmiDangaura Tharu19971.9 MB
My StoryManju DhimalDhimal20061.1 MB
Now I UnderstoodSom Bahadur DhimalDhimal2005456 kb
On The Way Of The LandslideShova GurungGurung20051.3 MB
Recall Of LandslideThe United Mission to NepalThulung20031.7 MB
Release From RepentThe Limbu Literature Development AssociationLimbu20012.3 MB
Result Of IgnoranceArkhala, Bulingtar and Salbas' Magar GroupMagar20051.6 MB
Searching For The Easy WayMeena GurungGurung20051.5 MB
Sita Gets BetterThe Limbu Literature Development AssociationLimbu20012.3 MB
Sorrow JoyBasum LamaEastern Tamang20059.5 MB
Standing On Own FeetEDI-Nepal (Tharu Project)Dangaura Tharu19961.7 MB
Tampo Salbi Remna Bhol20001.9 MB
TeasingDipak JirelJirel20061.4 MB
The Day I Took Our Cattle To GrazeBimal Raj DaraiDarai20062.2 MB
The Day It SnowedBir Bahadur ThamiThami20072.4 MB
The Pillow Of TearsKomintal ThamiThami20072.4 MB
The Time I Was SickSom Maya Darai (Thapa)Darai20061.8 MB
The Torture Of Carpet WeaversLalita DhimalDhimal20051.9 MB
The Torture Of Carpet WeaversBal Bahadur Dhimal & Som Bahadur DhimalDhimal20051.2 MB
Then And NowBhumi Sara Kadel and Sabitri PunEastern Tamang20042.2 MB
Then And NowBhumi Sara Kadel and Sabitri PunLimbu20042.5 MB
Traditional Birth AttendanceBasun LamaEastern Tamang20052.4 MB
Traditional Birth AttendanceArkhala, Bulingtar and Salbas' Magar GroupMagar20052.5 MB
We Have To StudyMingma SherpaSherpa20052.1 MB
What Does Drinking Alcohol Do?Shanti ThulungThulung20062.1 MB
When Writing A BookBhoj ThulungThulung20061.8 MB
Why Did Man Kumari Die?Muna Rana MagarMagar20052.4 MB