Asian Highland Perspectives

Asian Highlands Perspective is a journal and book series that brings together a broad scholarly audience while also providing opportunity for voices from the Tibetan Plateau and nearby areas to make themselves heard in novel academic formats. Digital Himalaya is delighted to have been asked to host and archive back issues in PDF format. On account of the compression format we have used for the PDF files, we advise that you install the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat which can be downloaded by clicking here. Please send us a short email to say whether this service is of interest and utility to you.

Asian Highland Perspectives
51Articles, Perspectives, Profiles, and Reviews, 201825 MB
50The Magician.
By Dbang rgyal don grub and Tshe ring rdo rje, 2018
36 MB
49Studies of Plateau Folklore and Education.
Edited Collection, 2017
7.6 MB
48Great Lords of the Sky: Burma’s Shan Aristocracy.
By Sao Sanda Simms, 2017
71 MB
47Plateau Narratives, 20172.4 MB
46An Unexpected Gift from the Gods.
By Yang Jialiang, 2017
4 MB
45Reviews 2017.
By Various Authors, 2017
2.5 MB
44Articles, Memories and Experiences, Interviews, and a Profile 2017.
By Various Authors
19.5 MB
43Amdo Tibetan Language: An Introduction to Normative Amdo Tibetan.
By Dpal ldan Bkra shis, 2016
13 MB
42Guardians of Nature: Tibetan Pastoralists and the Natural World.
By Tsering Bum, 2015
9 MB
41The Last Dragon Banquet?: Changing Wedding Traditions in an Amdo Tibetan Community.
By Nyangchakja, 2015
60.3 MB
40Asian Highlands Perspective.
General issue, 2015
57.3 MB
39Being Anything and Going Anywhere: An A Mdo Tibetan Auto-Song-ography.
By Sangs rgyas bkra shis, Qi Huimin, and CK Stuart, 2015
11.3 MB
38The Witches of Tibet.
By Pema Kyi, 2015
11.5 MB
37Centering the Local: A Festschrift for Dr. Charles kevin Stuart on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday.
Edited by Gerald Roche, Keith Dede, Fernanda Pirie and Benedict Copps, 2015
18 MB
36Mapping the Monguor.
Edited by Gerald Roche and CK Stuart, 2015
53.9 MB
35Asian Highlands Perspective.
General issue, 2014
113 MB
34Fading Memories, Faded Lives: Mongghul (Tu) Photographs from Qinghai China.
By Limusishiden, Jugui, Kelly Ward, and CK Stuart, 2014
69.7 MB
33Farmers, Fugitives, Ghosts, and Exploding Grasshoppers: Everyday Life in Horse Race Village, a Tibetan Community on the Yellow River.
By Rka phug Rdo rje don grub and CK Stuart, 2014
42.3 MB
32Following the Herds: Rhythms of Tibetan Pastoral Life in A mdo.
By Chos bstan rgyal, 2014
54.4 MB
31The Lost World of Ladakh: Early Photographic Journeys in the Indian Himalaya 1931 – 1934.
By Roger Bates and Nicky Harman, 2014
22.4 MB
30A Namuyi Tibetan Womans Journey from Chinese Village to Indian City to Beijing.
By Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma), 2014
14.5 MB
29Mushroom Ghosts, Belligerent Yaks, and Cranberry Cocktails: A Brag ’go Tibetan Woman’s Early Life.
By Tshes bcu lha mo (CK Stuart, ed.), 2013
13.1 MB
28Asian Highlands Perspective.
General issue, 2013
15.3 MB
27A Northeastern Tibetan Childhood.
By Tsering Bum (CK Stuart, Ramona Johnson, Solomon Rino, Gerald Roche, Timothy Thurston, and Gabriela Samcewicz, eds.), 2013
4.6 MB
26Tibetan Nomad Childhood.
By Karma Dondrub (CK Stuart, ed.), 2013
11.2 MB
25Jahzong - Tibetan Tribal Leader.
By Dzorge Guru, 2013
1.5 MB
24A Multi-ethnic Village in Northeast Tibet: History, Ritual, and Daily Life in Chu cha.
By Stobs stag lha, 2013
12.6 MB
23A Tewo Tibetan Childhood.
By Rdo rje tshe brtan, 2013
10.3 MB
22Living and Dying at the Feet of the Snowy Mountains: A Contemporary Childhood in Rural Hunan, China.
By Yin Dalong with CK Stuart, 2013
7 MB
21Asian Highlands Perspective.
General issue, 2012
51 MB
20Ballad of The Huang River and Other Stories.
By Jing Shi, translated by Keith Dede and Susan Su, 2012
14 MB
19A Tibetan Nomad Girl’s Changing Worlds.
By Sonam Doomtso (Suolang Dongcuo 索朗东措) (CK Stuart, ed), 2012
13 MB
18Environmental Issues Facing Tibetan Pastoral Communities.
By Dbang ’dus sgrol ma, Dkon mchog dge legs, Mgon po tshe ring, and Dpal ldan chos dbyings (CK Stuart and G Roche, eds), 2012
9.6 MB
17A Zorgay Tibetan Childhood and the Swedish translation by Katrin Goldstein-Kyaga as Min tibetanska barndom i Zorgay.
By Kondro Tsering, 2012
10 MB
16Three Treasures: Huzhu Mongghul Folklore.
Collected, Transcribed, Translated and Edited by Jugui, Limusishiden, Ha Mingzong and CK Stuart, 2012
36 MB
15Rgyal rong Tibetan Life, Language, and Folklore in Rgyas bzang Village.
By G.yu ’brug (Yongzhong 拥忠) and CK Stuart, 2012
43 MB
14May All Good Things Gather Here: Life, Religion, and Marriage in a Mi nyag Tibetan Village.
By Bkra shis bzang po, 2012
83 MB
13Lavrung Tibetan Oral Traditions and Culture.
By G.yu lha, text editing by G Roche, CK Stuart, and T Thurston, image editing by E McKinlay, 2012
62 MB
12Silence in the Valley of Songs: Work Songs from Sman shod Valley.
By Zla ba sgrol ma, 2012
28 MB
11A Mang rdzong Tibetan Life.
By Nangchukja, 2011
72 MB
10Asian Highlands Perspective.
Edited by Charles Kevin Stuart, Gerald Roche, Tshe dbang rdo rje, Timothy Thurston, Rin chen rdo rje, 2011
122 MB
09A Ngawa Tibetan Nomad Childhood.
By Rin chen rdo rje, 2011
26 MB
08Mongghulni Jilaguni Da Adal. [Mongghul Memories and Lives].
By Limusishiden (Li Dechun 李得春) with Charles Kevin Stuart, 2010
4.5 MB
07Passions and Colored Sleeves: Mongghul Lives in Eastern Tibet.
By Limusishiden (Li Dechun 李得春) and Lu Wanfang, 2010
107 MB
06Asian Highlands Perspective.
Edited by Charles Kevin Stuart, Gerald Roche, Tshe dbang rdo rje, Timothy Thurston and Rin chen rdo rje, 2010
96 MB
05Tibetan Girl’s Hair Changing Ritual, Xining City: Plateau Publications.
By Tshe dpal rdo rje, with Rin chen rdo rje, G Roche, and CK Stuart, 2009
12 MB
04Namzi Tibetan Songs, Engagement Chants, and Flute Music, Xining City: Plateau Publications.
By Libu Lakhi (Li Jianfu, Dawa Tenzin) with Qi Huimin, Charles Kevin Stuart and Gerald Roche, 2010
6.3 MB
03Deity Men: Reb Gong Tibetan Trance Mediums in Transition, Xining City: Plateau Publications.
By Snying bo rgyal and R Solomon Rino, 2009
15 MB
02BChinas Namzi Tibetans: Life, Language and Folklore. Volume Two, Xining City: Plateau Publications.
By Libu Lakhi (Li Jianfu, Dawa Tenzin) with Tsering Bum and Charles Kevin Stuart, 2009
6.2 MB
02AChinas Namzi Tibetans: Life, Language and Folklore. Volume One, Xining City: Plateau Publications.
By Libu Lakhi (Li Jianfu, Dawa Tenzin) with Tsering Bum and Charles Kevin Stuart, 2009
3.1 MB
01Asian Highlands Perspective.
By Charles Kevin Stuart, Gerald Roche, Tshe dbang rdo rje, 2009
20 MB