UN Situation Reports: Nepal Earthquake 2015

Update as of 29 April 2015

As an emergency and temporary measure, and to support the dissemination of time-sensitive information about the earthquake that has devastated Nepal, Digital Himalaya is hosting the daily situation reports (SitReps) prepared by the United Nations Office of the Resident Coordinator in Nepal.

This has been undertaken in coordination with, and with the full agreement of, staff in the Communications Services Branch, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in New York HQ. As the situation reports are translated into Nepali, they will also be hosted here.

Title Date English Nepali
SitRep 9: Nepal: Earthquake 20152 May 2015pdf
SitRep 8: Nepal: Earthquake 20151 May 2015pdf
SitRep 7: Nepal: Earthquake 201530 April 2015pdf
UN Flash Appeal Press Release29 April 2015pdfpdf
SitRep 6: Nepal: Earthquake 201529 April 2015pdf
SitRep 5: Nepal: Earthquake 201528 April 2015pdfpdf
SitRep 4: Nepal: Earthquake 201527 April 2015pdfpdf
SitRep 3: Nepal: Earthquake 201526 April 2015pdf
SitRep 2: Nepal: Earthquake 201526 April 2015pdf
SitRep 1: Nepal: Earthquake 201525 April 2015pdf