Himalayan Journal of Sciences

Volume 2, Issue 3
January - June 2004
Pages: 1-70

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Let's air our dirty laundry
Scientists and developers can't save the world when they have to play along to get along
Seth Sicroff, Page 9


Chemical research should be a national priority
Rajendra Uprety, Page 10


Scientists: Four golden lessons
Advice to students at the start of their scientific careers
Steven Weinberg, Page 11
Reprinted with permission from "Nature," Vol 426, page 389; PDF not available


Theories for sustainable futures
Sustainable development requires integration of ecological, economic and social theories
C S Holling, Page 12
Reprinted with permission from "Conservation Ecology" (now renamed as "Ecology and Society"), Vol 4, Issue 2; PDF not available


How to control illegal wildlife trade in the Himalayas
As Nepal's greatest natural resources approach extinction, the stakes could hardly be higher
Ram P Chaudhary, Page 15


Himalayan perceptions: Environmental change and the well-being of mountain peoples
Fifteen years ago, the Himalayan Dilemma buried the most popular environmental paradigm of the 80s. What will it take for policy-makers to get the message?
Jack D Ives, Page 17


Mountain Legacy announces plans
Mountain Legacy announces plans for conference on Mountain Hazards and Mountain Tourism, calls for nominations for second Hillary Medal, and proposes research and development institute in Rolwaling
Page 20


Quantitative analysis of tree species in two community forests of Dolpa district, mid-west Nepal
Ripu M Kunwar and Shiv P Sharma, Page 23

Vegetation composition and diversity of Piluwa micro-watershed in Tinjure-Milke region, east Nepal
Madan Koirala, Page 29

Indigenous knowledge of terrace management in Paundi Khola watershed, Lamjung district, Nepal
Karun Pandit and Mohan K Balla, Page 33

Quantitative analysis of macrophytes of Beeshazar Tal, Chitwan, Nepal
Chudamani Burlakoti and Siddhi B Karmacharya, Page 37

Methods to reduce soil erosion and nutrient losses in Kavre district, central Nepal
Janak Pathak, Page 42

Two new records of Eria Lindl. (Orchidaceae) for Nepal
Devendra M Bajracharya and Krishna K Shrestha, Page 46

Two new records of Viola L. (Violaceae) for Nepal
Ram S Dani and Krishna K Shrestha, Page 48

Discharge and sediment loads of two streams in the mid-hills of central Nepal
Roshan M Bajracharya, Subodh Sharma and Roberto Clemente, Page 51


Ethnosilvicultural knowledge: A promising foundation for integrating non-timber forest products into forest management
Krishna H Gautam and Teiji Watanabe, Page 55


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