MARK TURIN Please correct



© Mark Turin, 2000


I just returned from a research trip to Darjeeling to find that my letter "How to write a Nepali letter" has been published in your paper, but to my surprise and some distress, I noted that all the instances in which there were quotation marks in my original article, your word processor had turned (") into (+MCI) and (") into (MCI-) and (() into (+AFs-) and ()) into ((+AFO-). I am most surprised that this got through without the editor noticing.

Another problem for which I would appreciate an immediate solution: I just logged into your Internet site and found that the page which should have my letter actually has some text from Bill Clinton's speech.

Please correct this immediately and put the correct text under my name otherwise it will appear as if I have written Clinton's words. Please inform me when you have fixed this simple error.

Mark Turin
(We regret the technical snafu which went undetected. As far as the Internet error is concerned, we have made the necessary correction-Ed.)