Songs from Tha Rgyas

These songs are recorded in Tha Rgyas Village, Rtsa Zhol Township, Mol Gro Gung Dkar County, Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region. The village is an agricultural village about 150 kilometers away from the holy city of Lhasa. The songs were recorded by Drolma Lhajyid, a graduate from Qinghai Normal College and member of the Tibetan Endangered Music Project. The songs were mostly sung by Drolkar and Lhaya, both of whom are in their 70s. The songs are mostly wedding party songs, which are sung to entertain guests at weddings. For more information about the songs, please write to Drolma Lhajyid. For more information about the Tibetan Endangered Music Project, please write to Gerald Roche.

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Track # Song Notes Time Description
Track 01pdf pdf3.15Voice: Drolkar
Gyamtsan River, Wedding party song.
Track 02pdf pdf1.42Voice: Drolkar
The King of India, Wedding party song.
Track 03pdf pdf2.42Voice: Drolkar
Happy Gathering, Hagiography.
Track 04pdf pdf3.56Voice: Drolkar and Lhaya
The Sun is Rising, Drinking song.
Track 05pdf pdf2.43Voice: Drolkar and Lhaya
The White Snowy Mountain, Ahle, celebrations for lamas and summer festival song.
Track 06pdf pdf3.36Voices: Drolkar and Lhaya
This song is sung while dancing, and praises great lamas and local monasteries.
Track 07pdf pdf1.40Voices: Drolkar and Lhaya
The Feeling of Happiness.
Track 08pdf pdf4.23Voices: Drolkar and Lhaya
The One on Whom I Depend, Wedding party song.
Track 09pdf pdf3.16Voices: Drolkar
Yarlung Valley, Guest song.
Track 10pdf pdf1.59Voices: Drolkar and Lhaya
Happy Gathering, New Year song.
Track 11pdf pdf0.56Voices: Lhaya
The Golden Palace, Hagiography.
Track 12pdf pdf0.52Voices: Lhaya
Lahshiba (a person’s name), Oration.
Track 13pdf pdf1.18Voices: Drolkar and Lhaya
Wedding party song.
Track 14pdf pdf4.55Voices: Drolkar and Lhaya
The Auspicious Valley, Summer festival song.
Track 15pdf pdf2.49Voices: Walzang
Good People, House party song.
Track 16pdf pdf2.30Voices: Drolkar and Tsering Palgyi
Gesar’s Ornaments, Summer festival song.
Track 17pdf pdf2.17Voices: Drolkar and Tsering Palgyi
Liquor Server, Wedding party song.
Track 18pdf pdf1.48Voices: Walzang
The Left, Right and Middle Mountains, Summer Festival and New Year song.