Songs from Gcig sgril County

These songs were recorded by Rig grol (b. 1978) from Gcig sgril County, Mgo log Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Mthso sngon Province, PR China. He recorded these songs in Zi ling City, Mthso sngon Province in 2000 from his mother Bsod nams Skyid (b. 1955/1956). For more details, please see the data in PDF form by clicking here.

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Track # Title Time File Size (MB)
02Couple's Song3.503.52
03Love Song10.339.66
04Lhasa Leaving Song7.587.29
05Businessman's Song5.395.18
06Orphan Colt Song1.301.38
08Coral Bird Song5.595.48
10Antiphonal Songs6.085.62
13Love Part29.0126.50